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Summer 1

To start this topic off we will be visited by different pets. The children will come up with a plan about what to do with them, how will we be able to keep them in the classroom, look at how they are different from this they will learn more about animals- body parts, what they eat- are they herbivore, carnivore or omnivore? During topic lessons the children will learn about different types of animals and progress into sorting them. They will have the opportunity to meet different animals along the way such as reptiles, fish and birds. From here the children will explore minibeasts, what they look like, where they live and what they eat. We will be visiting Testwood Lakes to explore minibeasts and their habitats. On return the children will be designing and making a minibeast hotel exploring where is the best place for a minibeast to live. They will also be making their own 3D minibeast to go into the minibeast walk with their parents. Dance and art will play an important part in the children’s learning of animals and they will be using this to learn more about animal and minibeast movement. The bring the topic to a close the children will share their learning with their families by bringing them on a minibeast hunt in the woods looking at their minibeast hotel and poems.