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School Nurse

How can School Nurses help?

School nurses can offer support and advice regarding the following:

  • Physical and emotional health  
  • Support during transition through school/ college  
  • Advice regarding weight, relationships, sexual health, and substance misuse  
  • Parenting advice: accident prevention, sleep and toilet training  
  • Supporting children and young people with complex or additional health needs   
  • Advice and signposting for schools when managing children and young people with health or behavioural needs  
  • Support for children and young people not in school, in accessing  support and health advice and universal aspects of the Healthy Child Programme that are normally delivered in school such as health reviews and immunisations. 

Please be aware the school nurse team are not commissioned to:-

  • Complete hearing checks for children other than the school entry screening test  
  • Deliver a counselling service  
  • Respond to urgent referrals that require immediate support from Children’s Services, a GP or CAMHS.  
  • Deliver health training sessions to school staff [e.g. anaphylaxis, epilepsy].  

To refer please could you talk to school with the following information:

  1. The reason for request for support?
  2. What has been tried already?
  3. What are the expected outcomes from this request for support?

Once we receive this we will refer straight away.