Our Children

Our Children

To us every child is unique and their progress is very important. We have a varied curriculum to encourage all children to shine. We work hard to establish what children already know and what their next steps should be and adapt our planning to suit their needs. We support our learning through’ hands on’ real experiences through visits to different places.

Our children are given opportunities to develop behaviours that support their learning such as resilience, resourcefulness, independence and empathy. Our school statement is ‘Our children, our future’ to reflect our vision for them to become responsible adults with a love for learning.

Active learning outside is fun for all our children!

  • Year R Children's Work
    Year R Children's Work

    Our children learning through hands on child initiated and small group activities.

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  • Year 1 Children's Work
    Year 1 Children's Work

    We ensure our children have good transition opportunities from Year R to Year 1 so they settle well with new expectations.

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  • Year 2 Children's Work
    Year 2 Children's Work

    Our Year Two children have the important position of being role models for the other children in the school.

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